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Understanding the Numbers page in the WhatsApp Chatbot app

The WhatsApp Chatbot app operates in both manual and automatic modes. While users can manually view incoming phone numbers, the app also automatically collects and saves phone numbers from received messages.

Here's how the WhatsApp Chatbot app extracts and saves phone numbers:

  1. Automatic Phone Number Collection:

    • When a phone number longer than 6 characters appears in a message, the app identifies and saves it in a separate list.
    • You can access this list by navigating to the WhatsApp Chatbot app > Numbers page.
    • The Numbers page displays all collected phone numbers extracted from the received messages.
  2. Managing Phone Numbers:

    • The phone numbers on the Numbers page can be listed by page for easy navigation.
    • The search input allows you to search for specific phone numbers.
    • You have the option to export all collected phone numbers as a CSV file using the Export button.
  3. Deleting Phone Numbers:

    • If a phone number is found to be irrelevant or incorrect, you can delete it from the Numbers page.
    • Simply click on the phone number you wish to delete, and it will be removed from the list.
    • Additionally, phone numbers associated with deleted guests or WhatsApp accounts are automatically removed.
  4. Accessing Conversations:

    • Clicking on a phone number in the Numbers page will redirect you to the conversation from which the phone number was extracted.
    • This allows you to quickly access the relevant conversation for further interaction or reference.

The Numbers page in the WhatsApp Chatbot app provides a centralized location for managing and organizing collected phone numbers. You can search, export, and delete phone numbers as needed. Clicking on a phone number takes you directly to the associated conversation.

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