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Understanding the Activities page in the WhatsApp Chatbot app

The WhatsApp Chatbot app offers a wide range of features and allows users and their teams to perform various actions. To keep track of all these actions, the app includes a recording feature that logs all user activities within the app. These activity records can be accessed through both the team member profiles and the WhatsApp Chatbot app's Activities page.

Here's how the Activities page works:

  1. Logging User Actions:

    • The app records all actions performed by users within the app.
    • This includes actions taken by team members as they interact with the different features and functionalities.
  2. Information Provided:

    • The recorded information is concise but provides valuable data.
    • Each entry in the activity log includes the name of the user who performed the action and details about the specific action taken.
    • The action may refer to either an ID or the name of the processed data, providing context about the activity.
  3. Accessibility:

    • The Activities page can only be accessed by the team admin.
    • Other team members do not have access to view the Activities page.
    • This ensures that the activity log remains restricted to authorized personnel.
  4. Deletion of Activities:

    • Activities are only deleted when a user's account is deleted.
    • This means that the activity log remains intact until the associated user account is removed.

The Activities page in the WhatsApp Chatbot app serves as a centralized log of user actions, providing valuable insights into the app's usage. The recorded information includes user names and details about the actions performed. Access to the Activities page is limited to the team's owner, and activities are only deleted when the associated user account is deleted.

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