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Understanding the Categories in the WhatsApp Chatbot app

Categories play a crucial role in the functioning of the WhatsApp Chatbot app. They are instrumental in enabling automatic replies and organizing conversations. While manual replies can function without categories, they are essential for automating responses effectively.

The WhatsApp Chatbot app utilizes categories in three key ways:

  1. Grouping Quick Replies:

    • Categories allow users to organize and group related quick replies together.
    • Multiple quick replies can be created and associated with specific categories.
    • This categorization facilitates streamlined management and easy access to relevant responses.
  2. Configuring Automatic Replies:

    • Categories help specify which quick replies should be used for a particular WhatsApp account.
    • By assigning categories to an account, users ensure that only relevant automatic replies are sent in response to received WhatsApp messages.
    • This feature ensures that the bot provides expected and contextually appropriate replies.
  3. Understanding User Interests:

    • When a quick reply is utilized, the assigned categories are automatically assigned to the guest.
    • This enables easy tracking of the assigned categories for each guest, providing valuable insights into their interests.
    • By analyzing assigned categories, users can gain a better understanding of what people are looking for and tailor their responses accordingly.

The Overview page in the WhatsApp Chatbot app displays the categories and the number of times they have been assigned. This feature allows users to analyze trends and identify the most commonly assigned categories within a specified time interval.

Category creation and deletion activities can be viewed in the Activities page, providing a clear record of category-related actions performed in the app.

Categories are a fundamental aspect of the WhatsApp Chatbot app, facilitating organized management of quick replies, enabling accurate automatic replies, and providing insights into user interests. Leveraging categories enhances the app's effectiveness in delivering personalized and relevant responses.

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