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Understanding the Important page in the WhatsApp Chatbot app

In the WhatsApp Chatbot app, a conversation refers to all the messages exchanged with a specific WhatsApp number. To collect these messages within the app, it is necessary to connect and enable the corresponding WhatsApp account.

If a conversation holds particular significance, such as containing important data or requiring dedicated support, you have the option to save it in a separate list. This is where the Important feature comes into play, allowing you to mark and store conversations in the Important page.

Here's how the Important page works:

  1. Saving Conversations:

    • Access the Conversation page in the WhatsApp Chatbot app.
    • Navigate to the Actions tab.
    • Choose the conversation you want to designate as important.
    • Utilize the Important option to save the conversation in the Important page.
  2. Accessing Saved Conversations:

    • The Important page provides a comprehensive list of all the conversations you have marked as important.
    • Utilize the search input to search for specific messages within these conversations.
    • Apply filters to refine the displayed conversations based on WhatsApp accounts and status.
    • Each conversation listed on the Important page includes a direct link to access the dedicated conversation's page.

Furthermore, when the Important page contains conversations, you will be able to see this indication in the WhatsApp Chatbot sidebar.

By utilizing the Important page in the WhatsApp Chatbot app, you can conveniently store and access conversations that require special attention or hold significant information. The search function, filters, and direct links enhance your ability to locate and manage these important conversations effectively.

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