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Chat Feature for Your Websites

The QUOMY website chatbot is a powerful and advanced chat solution for websites. It offers a wide range of features and can be used in both manual and automatic mode, making it a great tool for providing support and assistance to website visitors.

One of the key features of the chatbot is its customizable design. You can upload unique styles and animations to create a chat experience that fits their brand and website.

You can easily create and preview chatbots with images, text, buttons, videos, if-then structures, and more. The bot elements, like the chat styles, can also be added dynamically.

The chatbot also offers quick replies, which can send automatic messages based on keywords and visitor messages. You can choose the level of accuracy for the keywords and reply with text messages or bots.

One of the most powerful features of the chatbot is its triggers. These events can monitor visitor activity on a website and send messages automatically. There are three types of triggers: visited page, clicks, and seen elements. You can set conditions for each trigger and even send messages based on parameters in the URL.

The chatbot also works seamlessly with QUOMY Automations, allowing you to collect visitor email addresses and phone numbers. The chatbot can save visitor contact data automatically and export it to a CSV file. You can also manage teams and set restrictions for websites, threads, visitors, and collected data.

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