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Social Media Analytics

Use Quomy's cutting-edge social analytics tool to learn important data about your social media performance. Monitor important metrics across all of your connected social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok), including interaction, reach, impressions, follower growth, and more.

The social analytics tool from Quomy also has an automated email reporting option that lets you set up recurring reports to be delivered right to your mailbox. Keep track of your social media performance so you can plan your marketing approach with knowledge.

The data and insights you need to succeed on social media are provided by Quomy's social analytics platform, whether you're a social media manager or a business owner.

Social Media Analytics for Facebook provides users with a comprehensive overview of their Facebook Page performance, including insights on recent and popular posts, the best time to post, achieved and lost fans, impressions, engagements, views, and video views. Users can export data in CSV and PDF formats and schedule automated email reports. 

The Instagram section provides insights on overall performance of accounts and their media, recent and popular media, best posting times, follower growth and impressions, likes, comments, profile visits, and growth percentages.

Social media analytics for Twitter provides insights into the performance of Twitter accounts and their tweets. The analytics includes information on overall performance, recent and popular tweets, posting time, followers, and lists. The recent and popular tweets show the 5 most recent and popular tweets respectively, with insights provided for each tweet. The analytics also provides information on the best time for posting and the follower growth for selected Twitter accounts. Additionally, it shows the number of lists where the selected accounts are listed, along with information on the number of lists added or removed.

The LinkedIn social media analytics feature provides businesses with key insights into their company's performance on the platform. This includes general performance metrics, recent and popular posts, optimal posting times, follower statistics, and daily company view metrics, which can be filtered by mobile and desktop. These metrics can be used to make data-driven decisions that help optimize a company's LinkedIn presence and overall social media strategy.

Social Media Analytics for TikTok provides insights and metrics about the performance of TikTok accounts and their videos. The analytics includes information on overall performance, recent videos, posting time, followers, and likes. It also shows the number of achieved and lost followers by day and the new likes and lost likes for published videos.

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